by HMC Int'l. Div., Inc.
Industrial Wide Belt Tension Tester
These testers are intended for INDUSTRIAL situations where:
- Belt tensions reach 6000 pounds...
- Belt widths reach 12 inches...

Need to measure tension in that big belt?
- It's EASY! -
The AWI and WB-170 product lines have you covered!

Full line of AWI Wide Belt Tension Testers
Guaranteed accurate readings.

AWI-II, 0-66 lbs (0-30 Kg.)
Functions in the same manner as the basic AWI-I, except it services belts to 3" in width, and has a force range of 0-66 lbs (0-30 Kg.), and belt tension range of 0-1056 lbs (0-480 Kg.).

Recommended for use on 3V-3VX belts of 6 strands; 5V-5VX belts of 2 & 3 strands; A & E belts with 2 & 3 strands; and is fully applicable for C belts with 2 strands.

SPECIAL NOTE: The AWI-II can also service multiple single stranded belt drives as well as banded belts.

Typical Belt-and-Sheave Application

Operation: is the same as the AWI-I, except for step 4. Because force applied at the tubular handle is distributed equally across two spring-tension units, the pounds-force reading of each o-ring must be added together (i.e., add together the o-ring readings on both plunger rods). Then, to calculate belt tension, multiply by 16.

NOTE: Many belt manufacturers will specify the recommended plunger reading (in lbs. or kg.) for a specific application. In such cases, always follow the belt manufacturer's recommendation.

Tester Model Number Maximum Belt Width Maximum Force (lbs.) Belt Tension (lbs.)
AWI-I 1" 35 560
AWI-II 3" 66 1050
AWI-III 5" 99 1580
AWI-V 5" 165 2640

Manufactured and protected under the following United States Patent and Trademark Office patent numbers: 3171278, 3352153, 3391574, 3482442, and 3596508.

Made in the USA.