by HMC Int'l. Div., Inc.
Industrial Wide Belt Tension Tester
These testers are intended for INDUSTRIAL situations where:
- Belt tensions reach 6000 pounds...
- Belt widths reach 12 inches...

Need to measure tension in that big belt?
- It's EASY! -
The AWI and WB-170 product lines have you covered!

Full line of AWI Wide Belt Tension Testers
Guaranteed accurate readings.

AWI-III, 0-99 lbs (0-45 Kg.)
Functions in the same manner as the basic AWI-I, except it services belts to 5" in width, and has a force range of 0-99 lbs (0-45 Kg.), and belt tension range of 0-1584 lbs (0-720 Kg.).

Recommended for use on 3V-3VX belts through 10 strands; 5V-5VX belts through 6 strands; 8V's through 4 strands; and is fully applicable for A-AX & B-BX belts through 6 strands; C-CX belts through 4 strands; and D belts through 3 strands.

SPECIAL NOTE: The AWI-III can also service multiple single stranded belt drives as well as banded belts.

Typical Belt-and-Sheave Application
Operation: is the same as the AWI-I, except for step 4. Because force applied at the tubular handle is distributed equally across three spring-tension units, the pounds-force reading of each o-ring must be added together (i.e., add together the o-ring readings on all three plunger rods). Then, to calculate belt tension, multiply by 16.

  1. Measure the length of span between sheave tangent points.
  2. Set the bottom of the large o-ring at the correct point (on "50" if it is a 50 inch span) and set the top (small o-ring) down against the instrument's flange.
  3. Depress the instrument downward at the center of the span until the large o-ring at the base of the instrument is in line with the tangent point of the drive. (This may be accomplished with a straight-edge, or a neighboring belt in a multiple belt drive.)
  4. Read the number of pounds of force indicated by the small o-ring on the plunger rod, then multiply by 16 to determine belt tension.
NOTE: Many belt manufacturers will specify the recommended plunger reading (in lbs. or kg.) for a specific application. In such cases, always follow the belt manufacturer's recommendation.

Tester Model Number Maximum Belt Width Maximum Force (lbs.) Belt Tension (lbs.)
AWI-I 1" 35 560
AWI-II 3" 66 1050
AWI-III 5" 99 1580
AWI-V 5" 165 2640

Manufactured and protected under the following United States Patent and Trademark Office patent numbers: 3171278, 3352153, 3391574, 3482442, and 3596508.

Made in the USA.