by HMC Int'l. Div., Inc.
Industrial Wide Belt Tension Tester
These testers are intended for INDUSTRIAL situations where:
- Belt tensions reach 6000 pounds...
- Belt widths reach 12 inches...

Need to measure tension in that big belt?
- It's EASY! -
The AWI and WB-170 product lines have you covered!

Guaranteed accurate readings.

EXTRA WIDE  WB-170 Tension Tester

A wide belt industrial tension tester capable of measuring force from 0-231 lbs (0-105 Kg.), and belt tension from 0-3696 lbs (0-1680 Kg.), on belts to 7" in width. A single setting of the instrument allows an operator to bring belt force/tension to the desired amount.

Recommended for use on 5V-5VX belts and more. Will service 5V-5VX belts through 10 strands, 8V through 6 strands, C-CX through 6 strands, and D belts through 5 strands.

SPECIAL NOTE: The WB-170 is the only wide belt tension tester on the market which also tests for sheave alignment. Sight diagonally across the top of the belt. If one side is higher or lower than the other, check for proper sheave alignment. Then, repeat the test.

  1. Study belt manufacturer's manual to determine recommended force and tension ranges for the specific belt being tested.
  2. Clamp instrument anywhere along the belt, preferably centered, and insure that the 1/8" bar (below the belt) is located between cogs.
  3. Simultaneously tighten eye-bolts until desired force is indicated on the center unit or desired belt tension shows on the two outside plunger rods.
  4. Tighten (or loosen) belt until the top of the belt is located halfway up the sighting holes.

At this point, you have achieved proper belt tension.

Tester Model Number Maximum Belt Width Maximum Force (lbs.) Belt Tension (lbs.)
WB170 7" 231 3696
WB170/9 12" 297 4752
WB170/12 12" 396 6336
WB200 7" 200 3200

Manufactured and protected under the following United States Patent and Trademark Office patent numbers: 3171278, 3352153, 3391574, 3482442, and 3596508.

Made in the USA.